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Our dedicated, pure freestyle strapless kitesurf shape. The brand new RRD Varial was born out of a necessity for a board that is suited for those dedicated to the strapless freestyle discipline. 

RRD is no stranger to the C.O.T.A.N. (cut off nose and tail) shape. And now with the Varial, will have one of the most bad-ass boards on the market. You can expect this board to be extremely light and thin, the thinnest in our range, with a very low profile. This razor sharp design enhances handling, control, and sets the foundation for the highest level strapless freestyle riding. 

Going huge on a strapless board? The channels running down the deck allow for that hands-on approach to adding stylish grabs. Turn it over to realize that the bottom shape of this board is in a league of its own. The steep, deep, bottom channels running from tip to tail increase air and water flow underneath the Varial which not only improves the tracking capacity for an impressive amount of speed and control but also increases it’s upwind ability, which is crucial during competitions!

These aggressive channels also disperse the water when landing, while also driving the board forward, making stomping those tricks much easier and more consistently. The Varials’ construction provides an essential balance of strength and weight. The top-level strapless riders need a board that is light enough to glue to the feet and also have the strength to withstand some hard and fast landings. 

Because this board is for the dedicated strapless rider, we dedicated it as a strapless board. No inserts will be found on the deck of the Varial. You may ride with only the rear pad and wax the deck for the pure strapless feel or with both the tail pad and the deck pad, the choice is yours, the board comes with the deck pad unglued. We also decided on the Thruster set up to improve sliding and control when landing or riding in reverse.

If riding strapless is your passion, then you will ‘flip’ once you get on board the new RRD Varial!


  • Extremely lightweight and thin so it grips the water, sticks to the feet, and is easy to grab on the water or in the air.
  • Deep bottom channels running from tip to tail to increase air- and water flow for tracking and control at high speeds.
  • Thin rails from nose to tail
  • Super thin profile throughout
  • Deep concave throughout the entire board with a flat, kicked tail, released by a progressive rocker
  • Strictly thruster fin setup for sliding control and better for riding in reverse.
  • Insertless = no inserts on this dedicated strapless freestyle board.

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Talking lightweight kitesurfboards towards a ridiculously light & strong level! The Black Ribbon technology is the first line of kitesurfboards in the world made with Aerospace technology!

The internal EPS core, with only 15 kg density, is extra compact by the use of a special mould. This unique mould creates a perfectly sealed surface where the epoxy resin penetrates the layup at just the right amount, creating the perfect bond between each layer, but not too excessively that would simply add weight and no specific structural strength.

For added reinforcements without significantly increasing weight, a 3 mm PVC foam layer is added on the deck to maximize impact resistance in addition to keeping the structure as light as possible while a full bamboo bottom sandwich layer creates the perfect blend between ding and dent strength on the bottom of the board. The entire structure is then fully covered with a complete layer of 160 grams Biaxial fibres combining a 45° mix between Carbon and Innegra fibres. 

The new Black Ribbon construction provides a lightweight and strong kiteboard while maintaining a significant amount of flex compared to a full carbon layer.


THE VARIAL V1 5’1” BLKRBN 5’1” x 18 1/4” x 2” 21 K4 for RRD Thruster Set 24TV51BR