RRD Bliss V6 Wood

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RRD Bliss V6 Wood


Coming up with the name for this board was easy. Since day one, riding this board has always been an experience of pure “bliss” This progressive freeride/freestyle board provides a fantastic sensation of security while riding in an assortment of conditions. When the board is pushed further into the freestyle realm, it allows this incredible kiteboard to show its true nature. The Bliss has a great amount of speed, comfort, and pop that comes from the mix of medium flex coupled with easy landings.

The deep bottom channels and the thin, slightly rounded, ABS sidewalls allow this board to carve aggressively through the chop. The V6 is a light and reliable board, perfect for those choppy spots where going upwind can be a tough task. The tip design and the bottom channels aid the Bliss’ fantastic upwind performance while the track systems for the Rad Pads will allow you to fine-tune the stance just the way you like it to achieve maximum comfort.

Strap in, load up the lines and fill your session with true Bliss.

RRD Bliss V6 Wood features

  • Deep bottom channels
  • Thin and slightly rounded ABS sidewall
  • Carbon-reinforced ABS track channels for pads
  • CNC shaped mix of Paulownia wood
  • Unidirectional carbon stringers



G-10 is the strongest and most durable material used too make long-lasting hi-performance windsurfing fins. Today we are still using this material that costs up to 5 times more compared to conventionally moulded plastic fins used by most of our competitors. A choice of quality and performance. Added value on each one of our TwinTip kiteboards.


Board and fins only, please order your RAD pads here.


BLISS V6 WOOD 39 135 x 39 4 x FLOW 5 40 – 60 KG 24BLS39
BLISS V6 WOOD 40 136 x 40 4 x FLOW 5 50 – 65 KG 24BLS40
BLISS V6 WOOD 41 137 x 41 4 x FLOW 5 60 – 75 KG 24BLS41
BLISS V6 WOOD 42 138 x 42 4 x FLOW 5 70 – 80 KG 24BLS42
BLISS V6 WOOD 43 139 x 43.5 4 x FLOW 5 80 – 95 KG 24BLS43







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135 x 39, 136 x 40, 137 x 41

Rad Pad

Board only, Rad Pad V3

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