West Shore tide water levels

Windfinder forecast for West Shore 29 December 2018
The forecast with wind speed, wind direction and tide levels
It was between spring and neap tide
Spring HW ~8m, LW ~0m
Neap HW ~6m, LW ~2m (sometimes kiteable in the channel)
Low tide
Low tide 1.7m
Water is about 20 minutes walk away. Only go out if you’re really desperate and you know how to avoid hitting half-hidden rocks.
1 hour after low tide
1 hour after low tide 2.0m
Meet up with friends, check your gear and do some beach cleaning.
2 hours after low tide
2 hours after low tide 2.9m
You’re good to go! Flat, shallow water.
Be careful around rocks and shipwreck in the middle of the channel!
3 hours to high tide
3 hours after low tide – 3 hours to high tide 4.3m
Tide speeds up, it gets a bit choppier
2 hours to high tide
2 hours to high tide 5.7m
Beach downwind disappears, make sure you stay upwind.
There are still bail-out points, but they’re risky without help.
1 hour to high tide
1 hour to high tide 6.6m
Flatwater fun behind the groyne.
With NW pumping wind, go further out and chase the waves.
You’re getting close to the beach.
High tide
High tide 7.0m
At spring tide there’s not much beach left to set up or land.
Neap tide conditions are perfect for foiling.
Watch out for submerged pipe.
On a busy day, stay clear of swimmers.
The warden will easily get upset with you if you don’t.
Please follow the rules of the beach!

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